Cynel Sn60Pb40 solder spool 100gr/0.56mm…

It was very interesting to compare it with the practically reference Chinese solder – Kaina (important – only with a blue label). Since the Kaina I have available has a bar diameter of 0.5mm, I will compare the Polish guest with her. Attention, high traffic.

Cynel Sn60Pb40 solder spool 100gr/0.56mm | Comparison with blue Kaina | Live review

A coil arrived, 100 grams, composition Sn60Pb40 channel with flux, bar thickness 0.56mm.
Testing. The coil is pasted over with pieces of blue electrical tape, thin The weight of all the coils is almost 106 grams, and the 5 meter rod is 8.41 grams The label is different from the capital Now I’m waiting for the HDMI capture board to reach me. Today our guest is solder from Poland. In addition to the new one, I have two more Chinese solders in stock and these are worthy representatives: LAOA and Kaina with a blue label (in nature it happens with a yellow label, but this solder is far from being so good). It was often recommended in the comments to my previous solder reviews, and now it finally got to me. I apologize in advance that I cite the tests from my microscope as recordings from the monitor screen, since it lacks a USB port and recording to drives.

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