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Overview of Knowledge Zenith ZSR… – My Profession Service

Overview of Knowledge Zenith ZSR…

There are four color options: — warranty card As you might have guessed, the model can also come without a microphone, and this one costs a couple of dollars less. On the hypothetical inner side, there are contacts for attaching the wire and already the name of the model itself. Length: 120±5cm Paperwork:

Overview of Knowledge Zenith ZSR Plus hybrid 2BA DD headphones (white, with microphone).

Weight: 20 grams That’s https://jiji.co.tz/55-wedge-shoes why it looks, as for me, not bad. It was easy to believe, given the huge number of models, even outwardly similar to each other. Impedance: 22 ohms — instructions But there’s nothing you can do about it. Sensitivity: 107dB There is no separate groove for the nozzles, although they cling rather with great difficulty and during the use of the headphones did not show any signs that they could somehow slip. The inscription is not made in the most common font. Specifications on the back of the box: Microphone: optional That is, of course, many people want to see a wide variety of nozzles included with the headphones, and foam ones to boot, but a large number does not mean quality. Type: 3.5mm — two pairs of interchangeable ear tips (total S/M/L) And ZSR Plus convinced me of this, although with a couple of nuances. KZ ZSR Plus are supplied in, as far as I understand, a regular box for all headphones of this kind (of this manufacturer). And I liked the complete ones from KZ since the last reviewed model. From the point of view of originality, green ones look the most original, because their body is half transparent. — detachable cable Frequencies: 10Hz-40kHz That’s just they cost roughly twice as much as those that will be discussed today. The usual set, at the same time, nothing is forgotten. Model: ZSR Plus Let’s start with the main characteristics of the model: Reviews of audio equipment are traditionally based either on graphs, which will tell few people about the sound, or on personal impressions – which will also not tell everyone about the sound, and these impressions vary from person to person. Relatively recently, a month and a half ago, I did a review of other KZ headphones, namely the KZ ZS10, they were also hybrid. Nevertheless, not everyone can be satisfied with green headphones (if this is important at all, everything, again, is subjective), because other colors are more familiar. On my review, as you can see, the headphones are white. On one of the ends there is a sticker with a checkmark next to the selected version: — headphones You can also find air vents on the case: We will talk about him further, but for now let’s look at what can be found inside the box. Left and Right are clearly written on the outer side of the case, which already positively distinguishes this model from the ZS10, in which this designation had to be looked out for under a magnifying glass. Transducers: 2 double armature and 1 dynamic driver on each side. White sleeve and a small pedestal for the headphones themselves. I have already heard that KZ hybrids are quite similar to each other, and that new models are not worth upgrading to them from old ones, and the sound is almost the same at all. The earbuds are initially equipped with medium-sized eartips and, by the way, not the most common ones.